I “om” everyday via my yoga practice and web work.

OMM, to me, also stands for Online Media Management.

My job is to turn your big picture ideas into bite-sized manageable tasks that move you from a grand thought to a full-scale online media launch. If you hire me, please know that I am uber organized, an expert project manager, and have many years of providing media assistance across a variety of industries. I will help you turn your vision into reality.

I’ve written professionally for nearly twenty years. During my tenure as a social services professional in county government and for non-profit agencies, I wrote policy, procedure, manuals, training curriculum, educational brochures, web and news articles, press releases, RFPs, grants and more. During that time, I worked directly with IT departments or was appointed IT in smaller agencies, and became proficient in website management, FTP, domain management, hosting, online strategy and more. I haven’t regretted or looked back since leaving county government in 2008 to explore teaching yoga and eventually solo entrepreneurship in the online media world.

I absolutely love helping others and am able to do so through all of my business ventures. My career in social service/non-profit helped me deeply understand business and the challenges that small businesses, in particular, face. I use this knowledge at namaste media. I’m also super conscious of the need for balance in my life, and while this work takes center stage most days, I adore teaching yoga to enrolled students on three Ohio University campuses each semester. It grounds me and keeps me in my body.

Personally I’m a wife and mama of one amazing and spirited teen athlete. I’m also an outdoor enthusiast who is passionate about health, nutrition, mindful life practices, sustainability, and living an inspired life everyday. Want to connect? I’d love to ‘meet’ you and help grow your business online. Find me on social media following the links below.

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